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David Chandler

BLENHEIM PREPARATION? : The British Army on the March to the Danube

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ISBN: 1873376952
Издательство: Spellmount Publishers
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 232
Book DescriptionA collection of essays on the Marlburian Wars by the leading authority on the period describing the Duke of Marlborough's development into one of Britain's most successful military commanders ever. Dr David Chandler is acknowledgedas the world's leading expert and author on both the Marlburian and Napoleonic periods. In this book, all aspects of the Duke of Marlborough's career, from his diplomatic skills to his extraordinary ability fully to use the infantry, cavalry and artillery forces available to him, are covered. The essays include: the relationship of Marlborough with his monarch, the art of war on land, the battle of Sedgemoor, the English army in Flanders 1689-97 as Secretary-at-War, Louis XIV's cavalry, field artillery trains 1689-1713, the world of de Vauban and van Coehoorn, logistical support in war, the march to the Danube, the Battle of Blenheim 1704, the Count of Me'rode-Westerloo, and the Duke's relationship with his allies, England's greatest...