Обложка книги The All-American Boys

The All-American Boys

ISBN: 0743486676;
Издательство: I Books
Страниц: 496

Book Description From its insider's view of the pervasive "astropolitics" that guided the functioniing of the astronaut corps to its thoughtful discussion of the Columbia tragedy, The All-American Boys resonates with Cunningham's passion for humanity'sdestiny in space which endures today. This new edition includes an update of the manned space program and his "tell it like it is" observation of NASA's successes and failures including the Shuttle disasters of Challenger and Columbia. In a special to this edition, the author includes a hard-hitting, new afterword that bluntly comments on the Columbia investsigation and its aftermath as well as how other countries -including China-threaten to overtake us in the new "space race."

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