Обложка книги The Edwardians: Secrets And Desires

The Edwardians: Secrets And Desires

ISBN: 0642541493;
Издательство: National Gallery of Australia
Страниц: 261

Book DescriptionGiven that many artists of the Edwardian period (1900-1914)--then as now--wanted to be "the best," not only in their native lands but also on the world stage, thus they sought to establish themselves in the artistic centers of London andParis. The Edwardians showcases the art of this period, focusing on connections between Australian, British, Irish, American, and French artists, all drawn to London during this period, to live and study. Many of them stayed abroad for as long as two decades. This book places the work of these expatriate artists within the context of British art of the time.. The works illustrated and discussed here, both paintings and sculpture, reflect a time of great social change, from a period of establishedorder to the beginnings of a more modern world. There are sumptuous portraits of members of the British upper class and nouveaux riches, as well as paintings of the middle class and working class. Together they show the changes in...