Обложка книги Self-Taught & Outsider Art: The Anthony Petullo Collection

Self-Taught & Outsider Art: The Anthony Petullo Collection

ISBN: 0252072774;
Издательство: University of Illinois Press
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionThis spectacular volume reproduces in full color some 150 pieces from the Anthony Petullo Collection, an extraordinary assemblage of paintings and drawings produced by individuals working outside the perimeter of conventional art trainingand traditions. Some of the pieces are fanciful, even whimsical. Others are haunting in their unembellished depiction of vulnerability and terror. Some are spare; others are crowded with figures. Some exhibit a childlike simplicity; others are almost sculpted in their precision and clarity. The thirty-six European and North American artists represented in Self-Taught and Outsider Art include a hospital janitor, a factory worker, concentration camp survivors, a truck driver, a guard at the Tate Gallery, a self-proclaimed fortuneteller and healer, and a female impersonator and Hollywood screenwriter. Their "canvases" include paper, wood, long strips of calico cloth, and cardboard. One artist paints with both hands simultaneously;...