Обложка книги Portraits of Bartolomeo Veneto

Portraits of Bartolomeo Veneto

ISBN: 1879067064;
Издательство: Timken Museum of Art
Страниц: 68

Book DescriptionThis is the first English language monograph on Bartolomeo Veneto (c. 1480?1531), who worked in Northern Italy in an area bounded by Venice and Milan. The art made in this region is characterized by an intensity and richness arising from the various artistic personalities that enlivened the period and the vitality of exchanges that linked artists from widely separated cultural areas. An analysis of Bartolomeo?s works allows one to observe the vivid atmosphere of the period. Specializing in portraiture, he moved often to satisfy the demands of his clientele in the small and large courts in the Veneto, Emilia, and the Lombardy regions of the Po Valley. Over the course of his career, from his earliest dated painting in 1502 until his death, presumably in 1531, he produced a remarkable body of work. Characteristic of Bartolomeo Veneto is an interest in a refined rendering of details, particularly of clothing, and the inclusion of symbolic elements. This...