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Elaine Ryan

COLOR YOUR LIFE : How to Design Your Home with Colors-From Your Heart

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ISBN: 0929093178
Издательство: Taylor Productions Ltd
Год издания: 1905
Страниц: 152
Book Description Shouldn't we live with the colors we love, and feel certain that our color choices will be absolutely beautiful in our homes? We all have a natural relationship with color and color speaks to each of us in a language all its own. People want to use color in their homes and offices because they know that color dramatically transforms any space from ordinary to outstanding. Yet many hesitate to use color because they worry about making color mistakes. Now, making color mistakes is a thing of the past because when you use the COLOR BARS Color Matching System all the colors you love and want to use in your home and office have already been color coordinated and color combined for you. You'll never make a color mistake again when you choose the colors you love from the COLOR BARS Color Matching System . This natural element---beautiful color, is "the gift that keeps on giving". Color Your Life: How to Design Your Home...