Обложка книги Brice Marden: Drawings and Paintings 1964-2002

Brice Marden: Drawings and Paintings 1964-2002

ISBN: 3908247705;
Издательство: Scalo Publishers
Страниц: 100

Book DescriptionThis first retrospective book ever presents Brice Marden's paintings and drawings from 1964 to 2002, incorporating many unpublished works. In a seminal in-depth interview, John Yau and Brice Marden explore the artist's creative development. Examining Marden's approach to the pictorial plane and his use of grids, they reflect on his relation to Abstract Expressionism, minimalism, Chinese calligraphy and the European masters. In the course of their conversation, the complex play of objectivity and subjectivity emerges as one of Marden's central issues. An extensive discussion of Marden's use of color and its relation to memories and places, emphasizes the intricate subjective dimensions of Marden's painting, of his sensitive perception of color's personal and cultural connotations. Yau's acute critical observations and Marden's precise reflections on his paintings and their relation to cultural traditions and natural phenomena underline the richness and complexity of...