Обложка книги Imagine Art

Imagine Art

ISBN: 1413402968;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
Страниц: 108

Imagine Art is a creative exploration of your own imagination.... I cannot draw with any skill or accuracy, and my abstract painting comes out a sheer mess. But I still need you to see the images in my mind, as if you were being swept away by a dream. And so..... Imagine Art asks you to read the words, imagine the scene in your head, and then draw it on the blank page. Each of you will see a different picture. And each one is a profound masterpiece. This is an empty book full of visions, dreams, and suggestions. With the power of your imagination, you have the power to create infinite artwork. "Just imagine this....... A tuba sitting in the middle of a parched desert with a scorpion in its shadow. Can you envision it? Now please draw it for me......." Never let your imagination fade, for when it does, life begins to fade, too. I pray this never happens, for without our imagination, we are nothing.

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