Обложка книги Pencil Drawing: Project Book for Beginners

Pencil Drawing: Project Book for Beginners

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ISBN: 1560107391;
Издательство: Walter Foster Publishing
Страниц: 32

The age-old art of drawing is one of the most important foundations of all the visual arts--and it's also a relaxing and enjoyable pastime! This book offers a simple, step-by-step approach to learning the fundamentals of sketching--from starting with basic shapes to rendering accurate still lifes, landscapes, animals, and portraits. ? Discover a collection of inspiring drawings that you can create just by following a few simple steps ? Learn about the basic materials you'll need to get started sketching right away ? Master the techniques used to accurately render various textures--including glass, metal, foliage, and fur ? Practice sketching a variety of subjects, and develop your own style as you explore the art of drawing