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Treasured Chests, Vol. 4: A Gallery Girls Book (Gallery Girls Collection)

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ISBN: 0865620849
Издательство: SQP
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 64
Book DescriptionPirates: Sure, the cursed ones made out of bones are fun, but the female types with flesh and muscle are so much nicer to look at! In this fourth installment of buxom brigands, we see the lasses with cutlasses shiverin' timbers and shakin' their booty for all to see! High-flying adventure and very tiny pirate outfits, as illustrated by such a scurvy lot as Arantza, Mitch Byrd, Tomas Giorello, Ruben Meriggi, Alejandro Colucci, Pedro Cuevas, and many more! Sexy pirate cover painting by Pelaez.