Обложка книги Draw Manga Villains (Hart, Christopher. Xtreme Art.)

Draw Manga Villains (Hart, Christopher. Xtreme Art.)

ISBN: 0-8230-0370-1; 5-17-031197-4; 5-271-11254-3; 985-13-4081-2;
Издательство: Watson-Guptill Publications
Страниц: 64

Book DescriptionThe second installment in the best-selling Xtreme Art series, this book offers a fun-filled tutorial on one of today's hottest art forms: the Japanese cartoon style of manga. Geared for eager young artists ages 8 and up, Draw Manga Villains! is an easy-to-follow guide to drawing dastardly manga-style villains and spine-tingling monsters. The book starts with basic tips for drawing manga-style facial features and bodies, and for turning ordinary characters into their villainous counterparts. Kids then get pages and pages of eye-popping renderings, each broken down into four simple steps-in each step, new lines are highlighted in a bright second color, making it easy to progress through the steps and build the final drawing. Best-selling author Christopher Hart's simple process and fiendishly fun drawings will motivate without intimidating, getting kids drawing right away!