Обложка книги Perspective Drawing and Applications (3rd Edition)

Perspective Drawing and Applications (3rd Edition)

ISBN: 0131914669;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 112

Book Description Provides a concise, systematic, and comprehensive introduction to perspective drawing along with examples of practical applications. Explains the fundamentals of effective freehand drawing through more than 250 drawings, photographs,and illustrations along with step-by-step procedures. It includes examples from a wide range of fields, including illustration, advertising, fine arts, architecture, and industrial and interior design. The second edition of Prespective Drawing andApplications has been revised to include 50 new illustrations and more coverage of General Principles, Cone of Vision, Apparent Scale, and Reflections and Shadows. It has been redesigned in a new, larger format with a more readable typeface and a spiral binding that allows the text to lay flat. It also incorporates a new portfolio section featuring recent examples of perspective applications. An essential reference book on perspective drawing for every professional...

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