Обложка книги An Alphabet for Lonely Children

An Alphabet for Lonely Children

ISBN: 0807615579;
Издательство: George Braziller
Страниц: 64

Book DescriptionIn the dark and playful tradition of illustrators such as Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, An Alphabet for Lonely Children takes the reader to a place where actions and curious thoughts are less restrained. Soaked with precious images and descriptions, this book offers a visual treat to adults while teaching young children their letters. Illustrated with haunting pencil drawings, the book presents twenty-six lonely children, each clothed as an animal whose name begins with the same letter as the child's name. Adjacent to each drawing is a description of a typical action by the child and its chosen animal. For example, Bertie is dressed up as a bluebird and "the trampoline in Bertie's yard has tightly rusted springs that fling her to the heavens." Bertie jumps on the trampoline to simulate the act of flying, an action usually associated with birds. Full of wonder and with abandonment, the children relish the tiny delicacies of life in a world that is...