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Margo Veillon

Nubia: Sketches, Notes And Photographs

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ISBN: 9774248791
Издательство: American University in Cairo Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 168
Book DescriptionFrom 1964 onward much of the ancient land of Nubia sank forever in the waters of Lake Nasser, behind the new Aswan High Dam. The vibrancy, color, and movement of the life of ordinary people in Nubia had fascinated Margo Veillon since the 1930s. In the company of friends and fellow artists she made numerous extended visits to capture in her artwork a lifestyle that has now vanished. This book is a record of her journeys. Presenting the Nile as this beautiful land?s thoroughfare, her drawings and photographs reflect the impact of this world upon her. Veillon?s diaries, notes, and pictures vividly illuminate one of the world?s most visually oriented cultures in a style that is as expressive as its subject, thus offering not only an image captured at a particular moment in time, never to be seen again, but the sensitivity and skill of brain, eye, and hand that made that capture possible.