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Mason Hayek

Seeing & Drawing

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ISBN: 1402727860
Издательство: Sterling
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 128
Book Description Anyone who can put a pen to paper can learn to produce realistic drawings--especially with the help of a skilled artist who knows how to break down the techniques into manageable bites. Using exquisite examples of his own work, MasonHayek demonstrates an array of drawing skills, including broad-stroke, sharp-pointed-pencil, and detailed pen-and-ink. Develop your own abilities by selecting a simple subject, such as a leaf, and rendering it using contour, modified contour, and gesturedrawing. Plenty of guidance is given on every facet of drawing, including equipment and supplies; good composition; choosing the right medium for a subject; capturing a fleeting scene; creating depth and shading, and correcting mistakes. The results willamaze you.
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