Обложка книги Artist's Projects You Can Paint: 10 Floral Watercolors

Artist's Projects You Can Paint: 10 Floral Watercolors

ISBN: 1929834500;
Издательство: International Artist Publishing
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionArtists constantly seek out new projects, plain and simple. With this new series, they'll find what they're looking for: books by well-known artists, each featuring 10 no-holds-barred, step-by-step, start-to finish projects--plain and simple. Every project includes: * A list of challenges and learning points, so readers can identify the obstacles to mastering the skill, then master it * Materials lists, with tips on the different materials available for optimal use * A preliminary drawing to trace for easy reproduction, along with color mixing examples and pull outs With a crystal-clear focus on the projects and only the projects, this series will speak to readers hungering for simple instruction to create works of their own.