Обложка книги Beautiful Brushstrokes Step by Step: Step by Step

Beautiful Brushstrokes Step by Step: Step by Step

ISBN: 1581803818;
Издательство: North Light Books
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionDespite its being the basic vocabulary of decorative painting, strokework is still one of the hardest skills to master. This book assumes no prior knowledge of strokework on the part of the reader in order to ensure they learn good painting habits right from the start. Inside, readers will find complete instructions for executing a fantastic range of brushstrokes, from the most basic to the more challenging, plus guidelines for designing and painting gorgeous strokework compositions and projects. Detailed photos clarify how to build each individual stroke, from the proper loading of the brush, to placing the bristles on the surface, pressing down, turning or pivoting the brush, lifting up, and finishing off. All the conventionalbrushstrokes are covered, plus many that are unique and innovative. Step-by-step demos illustrate how to put individual strokes together to form many different kinds of leaves and flowers such as poppies, roses, thistles, violets,...