Обложка книги Mastering Light & Shade in Watercolor

Mastering Light & Shade in Watercolor

ISBN: 1929834233;
Издательство: International Artist Publishing
Страниц: 128

Few painters realize that in order to give their paintings a luminous glow they must also manipulate the darks. Ong Kim Seng is a master of this method and in this book se shows readers exactly how to do it. He does so with a stimulating, logical progression of lessons that begins with materials and finishes with the complete planning of a light-filled composition. Readers will learn to use color to intensify light, devise areas of color contrast and discover the best methods for using tonal values to capture light in a dramatic, evocative way. Kim Seng also illustrates the important role that shadows play in creating luminosity. He shows how to mix the color of shadows and suggests alternate approaches for different paintings. Multiple step-by-step demonstrations, examples, ideas, inspiring storytelling and a gallery of gorgeous paintings cap off this exceptional book. Ong Kim Seng was the first Asian to become a member of the America Watercolor Society and,...