Обложка книги New Ideas in Goldwork

New Ideas in Goldwork

ISBN: 0713487801;
Издательство: Batsford
Страниц: 128

Book Description It's the best of the classic and contemporary styles, and a beautiful exploration of a lovely, shimmering needlework technique. Embroiderers will find endless inspiration in the many innovative ways teacher and expert Tracy Franklincombines gold with other metal-threadwork. Dip into reference ideas taken from notebooks, cuttings and new and old embroideries. Lavish color photographs and dozens of line diagrams help teach the basics, from design to simple padding of gold and metal threads. Master two basic techniques of laid work and cut purl work: these form the fundamentals for doing a design correctly. Follow the illustrations and instructions on different stitch types, including how to apply gold and metal threads in inventivelyintricate ways. The incredible color, detail, and good design are absolutely exciting!

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