Обложка книги Watercolors in a Weekend  Landscapes

Watercolors in a Weekend Landscapes

ISBN: 0715315382;
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionA unique guide that will show complete beginners how to paint a watercolor landscape in just one weekend. Beginners recognize that they need to acquire basic painting skills - but at the same time they are eager to produce a finished painting that they can hang on their walls. This popular weekend formula allows them to do just that - to build skills gradually and produce an attractive, frameable painting in a limited amount of time. The author starts by introducing the materials required for painting watercolour landscapes, then leads readers through a series of initial techniques designed to provide a basic grounding in the skills required for this subject area. This instruction is followed by eight short courses for painting a range of popular landscape subjects: skies and clouds; water; mountains and lakes; trees and foliage; buildings and textures; reflections in the landscape; winter landscapes; summer landscapes. Each course starts with practice...