Обложка книги Watercolour Skills Workbook

Watercolour Skills Workbook

ISBN: 0715313916;
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionTen lessons to develop the artistic skills that will help you to paint great watercolours in your own personal style. Anne's vibrant watercolour style has already won many fans. This book moves beyond the simple techniques covered in Watercolour Workbook and helps those still relatively new to the medium of watercolour to build the skills necessary for artistic creativity. The ten new lessons are set out in three sections to take readers on a progressive artistic journey. Starting with The Search for Realism, Anne provides guidance on portraying scenes realistically. Once readers are confident they can move on to the next section, Making Beautiful Images, where they are shown how to create artistic compositions using the unique properties of the medium. The final section, Finding a Personal Vision, encourages readers to develop a personal style and concentrate on their individual interests. Each lesson starts by setting out its aims clearly and is followed by...