Обложка книги Hang in There! Inspirational Art of the 1970s

Hang in There! Inspirational Art of the 1970s

ISBN: 0811839974;
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Страниц: 64

Book DescriptionIs life driving you up a tree? Would a hug make your day? This aww-inspiring collection of beloved inspirational art from the 1970s recalls the happiest of times, when kittens told us that friendship was a special kind of love, and bassethounds advised us to hope for the best and cope with the rest. From the author of The Good Citizen's Handbook (100,000 copies in print), Hang in There! invites us to open our hearts once more to dew-covered roses, galloping colts, soaring seagulls, and statues that teach us the meaning of "wuv." A truly impressive array of critters determinedly "hang in there" (cats, chimps, raccoons, lions), along with other furry friends here to brighten a whole new day. The perfect gift for anyone who's feeling blue, this charming and funny little book is sure to lift the spirits and keep life in its right perspective.

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