Обложка книги How To Paint Watercolors Filled With Bright Color (Art Maps)

How To Paint Watercolors Filled With Bright Color (Art Maps)

ISBN: 1929834489;
Издательство: International Artist Publishing
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionThe main obstacle many artists face? How to get started. With the 15 Art Maps series, this problem will become a dilemma of the past. In each of the books in this breakthrough series, painters will find the hands-on tools they need to start a piece of work and finish it--with gorgeous results. Each book shares 15 exceptional projects that include: * Art maps--numbered and referenced grids readers can scale onto paper to transfer a drawing--taking the guesswork out of getting started * Classic art techniques presented through manageable bite-sized chunks, helping painters further their skills and develop their confidence * A wide range of subjects, accompanied by pull outs, hints, and a palette of color and supplies From the best artists working in the field today, the Art Map Series will revolutionize the way readers learn to paint.

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