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Steve Marchant

The Cartoonist's Workshop

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ISBN: 1843401460
Издательство: Collins & Brown
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 128
Book Description An award-winning artist concocts a really fantastic-looking drawing workbook that’s as fun, colorful, and carefully structured as the cartoons themselves—and a must on every aspiring cartoonist’s bookshelf. From mastering the correct facial proportions to drawing believable scenes with human and animal figures: that’s where this effective and engaging how-to course takes would-be cartoonists, whether they want to create a superhero or mock the latest political shenanigans. It teaches basic drawing skills, provides guidance on the necessary tools, covers a wide range of styles and techniques, and offers thoughtful projects that encourage experimentation and originality. The plentiful images delight while they instruct beginners on perspective and foreshortening; depicting the figure in movement and through body language; portraying furniture and common objects; and defining a sense of place. Develop a good sense of...