Обложка книги 100% India

100% India

ISBN: 2020694204;
Издательство: Editions Du Seuil
Страниц: 2249

Book DescriptionLike an anthropologist's field notebook documenting objects found and bought, 100% India is packed with page after kaleidoscope page of objects and ephemera. Journalist Geel and designer Levy canvass every tangible thing made in India. Even the most mundane items?packets of tissues, bottles of detergent, stickers on rickshaws, stamps, and lightbulbs?assume a vibrant life of their own. An essay on the history of industry in modern India, snippets of contemporary fiction, andinsightful captions round out the picture; bold design mirrors the aesthetic of the objects themselves. An extraordinary journey to the heart of Indian design, 100% India is essential for any designer, traveler, or admirer of the eclectic beauty of India.