Обложка книги Acrylics: The Watercolor Alternative

Acrylics: The Watercolor Alternative

ISBN: 1581805861;
Издательство: North Light Books
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionTen step-by-step demos and nine technique exercises guide readers on how to use acrylic's forgiving nature to capture the look of watercolor. More than just a book on the virtues of the acrylic medium, Acrylics: The Watercolor Alternative: -Illustrates transparent, translucent and opaque painting techniques while retaining the aesthetic that makes watercolor so attractive -Presents easy-to-grasp, thorough instruction on such basics as designing successful compositions, making preliminary sketches and dividing the paper space -Includes a gallery of outstanding finished paintings that prove acrylics can exceed watercolor's limitations Acrylic painters who love watercolor's effects and watercolorists who want more flexibilityneed this book!