Обложка книги Understanding Art : A Guide for Teachers

Understanding Art : A Guide for Teachers

ISBN: 0761974784;
Издательство: Paul Chapman Educational Publishing
Страниц: 184

Book Description In any area of the curriculum, children need to learn concepts, facts, and skills through first-hand experience. In art, such learning depends on exploring and experimenting with the visual language through which artists communicate, and the visual elements such as line, color, and shape. This book systematically explores the basic knowledge needed to do this effectively. The author deals with the visual elements of art, their properties, how they are related, and especially the ways in which children's knowledge of each can be developed through simple but creative activities. Each element is placed in context, with extensive cross-referencing. The author shows how these elements can be observed in the children's environment and provides examples of how they have been used in works of art and craft. Contents include: Art as exploration Point Line Tone Mixing and controlling color Perceiving and...