Обложка книги Charcoal, Sanguine Crayon, and Chalk (Barron's Art Handbooks)

Charcoal, Sanguine Crayon, and Chalk (Barron's Art Handbooks)

ISBN: 0764155482;
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series
Страниц: 96

Book Description The pocket-size books in this instructive series cover virtually every aspect of the graphic arts and make handy quick-reference guides for art students, teachers, and museum visitors. They are heavily illustrated in color and filled with descriptive and instructional information. The books fall into four categories: Purple Series titles explain art media and techniques; Red Series books describe different genres and visual effects; Green Series books illustrate art tools and theory; andYellow Series titles survey periods and movements in art history. This Purple Series title explains techniques for sketching and drawing with dry media. Instruction focuses on creating light and shadow, indicating perspective, mastering monochrome portrait art, and achieving all other techniques related to these media.

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