Обложка книги The Animator's Reference Book

The Animator's Reference Book

ISBN: 1592006752;
Издательство: Course Technology PTR
Страниц: 336

Book Description The typical intricacies of creating realistic animation are magnified when creating human motion. An adult human has 206 bones controlled by 650 muscles. Even simple movements like sitting or turning require a complex combination of muscle contractions. This complexity makes character animation one of the most challenging forms of animation. "The Animator's Reference Book" is designed to assist animators with the complex challenge of creating accurate human animation. It contains synchronized photos showing a wide range of common human motion, photographed from the front, side, back, and top to provide a complete view of the action and offer a clear, frame-by-frame reference of human movement. Learn how to compare the nuances of various types of motion and discover how motion affects the creation of accurate clothing deformation in animated characters. Cover techniques that allow you to accurately reflect the effect of weight and gravity on your animated characters....