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Mary Zalmanek

The Art of the Spark: 12 Habits to Inspire Romantic Adventures (Celebrating Our Lives Series)

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ISBN: 0976687909
Издательство: Many Pearls Press
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 320
Book DescriptionWhen falling in love, every couple hopes for "happily ever after," yet few achieve it. Only a small percentage of couples on their twentieth or fiftieth anniversary use the word "romantic" to describe their relationships. It takes more than love and good intentions to keep the spark alive. This book ignites the spark. Zalmanek draws from clients? stories, her workshops, and her own thirty-year marriage to illustrate these habits. Exercises help couples discover their Romance Profileand plan adventures. The habits include: 1. Build a foundation for adventure 2. Follow your own romantic bliss 3. Do something outrageous 4. Accommodate your beloved?s surprise tolerance 5. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary 6. Invite people to help 7. Make an adventure of presenting your gift 8. Prolong special occasions 9. Practice your own romantic traditions 10. Enjoy the bumps on the road to adventure 11. Cherish...
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