Обложка книги The Best Of Animerica : 2003 Edition (Animerica)

The Best Of Animerica : 2003 Edition (Animerica)

ISBN: 1569318999;
Издательство: VIZ Media LLC
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionFascinating features on the latest and greatest in the field, exclusive interviews with artists and voice actors, news on what's new in Japan and what's arriving soon in America - it's all here in this rich selection from Animerica, idealfor the devotee or newcomer. "Sex Cels" celebrates anime character archetypes and why they're so easy to fall in love with. "The End of Evangelion" is a series of essays exploring the meaning of the film that brought the decade's most controversial series to a close. "Oh My Goddess!" examines the links between the popular romance and the comics, animation, and feature film that grew out of it. This annual wrap-up also includes articles on Spirited Away, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Escaflowne, The End of Evangelion, exclusive columns and reviews of anime, video games, model kits and instructions for building them, and anime soundtracks. This fabulous collection is color illustrated throughout.

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