Обложка книги Are You My Husband? : I Can Find Him All by Myself

Are You My Husband? : I Can Find Him All by Myself

ISBN: 0789309750;
Издательство: Universe
Страниц: 48

Book Description A charming parody of P.D. Eastman's beloved 1960 children's classic, Are You My Mother? , Are You My Husband? follows the adventures of Little Chick, who wakes up one day to discover she is thirty-horrors!-and-even worse-still single. Greatly concerned about her "eggs," Little Chick embarks on a quest to find a husband. Her search takes her from swing-dancing class (where all the guys are practicing for their weddings) to her high school reunion (where she rememberswhy she didn't meet her husband there in the first place), from the Internet (where she fails a Prince fan's mysterious lyrics test) to AA (where her self-esteem just isn't low enough). She even tries the oh-so-gorgeous guy at the gym, but it turns out he's looking for a husband, too. Ultimately, Little Chick comes to realize that love, like life, has to happen on its own timetable, and until it does, maybe being single isn't so bad after all. In the tradition of ...

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