Обложка книги Doodaaa: The Balletic Art of Gavin Twinge

Doodaaa: The Balletic Art of Gavin Twinge

ISBN: 0747561877;
Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Страниц: 352

Book Description Ralph Steadman's alter-autobiography is a work of comical genius as well as a profound commentary on the state of contemporary art. Creator of his own inimitable visions of Freud, Leonardo, Orwell, Alice, and the Great Gonzo, Steadman now offers the tri ography of his artistic alter ego, the redoubtable Gavin Twinge. Twinge, last remnant of a nineteenth-century 'domestic engineering' dynasty, founder of the Doodaaa school, and pioneer of Barcode Art, Shredded Literature,and Centrifugal Abstraction, is the original angry voice of contemporary art. From the moment Steadman first meets Twinge in a London bookshop, it becomes his quest to get to the heart of the misery that drives the lost soul of Art. Drawing inspiration from Twinge's fellow Doodaaists-among them Lily Potsdam (Whiplash Muralist), Schlemiel Weiss (Gnat's blood Organic Watercolorist) and Aaron Dickley (Primal Scream Environmentalist)-Steadman proves to be a truly inspired...

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