Обложка книги Further Grickle

Further Grickle

ISBN: 1891867555;
Издательство: Alternative Comics
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionGraham Annable's follow up to his Harvey-nominated Grickle, further Grickle collects beautiful stories in which devilish comedy and eye-watering art enclose a rich, chocolaty center of sad poetry and bruised but intact innocence. Annable has been creating these stories for his own satisfaction concurrent with his commercial animation work, and it shows in their intimate, conversational tone and wholly personal outlook. The skills honed at his day job are just as evident in the deft, fluidway he puts his stylish figures through their paces - it's like listening to the eloquent solo improvisations of a jazz musician who has sharpened his chops playing every night in the band. Even several panels of an Annable character just sitting still at a table practically glitter with life and cartoon joy.