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The Best of Drawnand Quarterly

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ISBN: 0969670141
Издательство: Drawn and Quarterly
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 64
Book Description Collects top material from D+Q's first 2 years, 1990-92. As the title suggests, this book collects the top material from the magazine's initial ten issue run, with stories by Seth, Maurice Vellekoop, Julie Doucet, Peter Kuper,Joe Matt, and more. One of the highlights, however, is actually not a reprint: Debbie Drechsler wrote and drew the dark, almost mesmerizing 5 page full color story "Constellations" especially for this edition and it does not appear in any other book. Other "exclusives" include new illustrations by Santiago Cohen, Joe Matt's "Darkest Secret" and J.D. King's "Beastniks" colored exclusively for this edition, and a breathtaking, award-winning wraparound cover and endpapers (complete with dustjacket flaps) byMaurice Vellekoop. Introduction by Peter Bagge.