Обложка книги Hi and Lois : Sunday Best

Hi and Lois : Sunday Best

ISBN: 1550226827;
Издательство: Ecw Press
Страниц: 128

Book Description The first full-color collection of the Hi and Lois Sunday pages ever published, this 50th Anniversary retrospective includes a generous selection of recent comic strips as well as a sampling of classic masterpieces from the past. The stars of the feature—Hi, Lois, Chip, Dot, Trixie, and Dawg—provide a warm, loving portrait of a wholesome family, with traditional values and modern-day sensibilities. The cartoon strips depict everything from busy parents juggling jobs and a teen coping with self-image issues to sibling rivalry and a toddler learning about her place in the world. Childhood fantasies, nostalgia trips, seasonal strolls, summer vacations, and holiday celebrations are among the recurrent themes explored in these Sunday episodes.