Обложка книги Sonic Order Of Happiness

Sonic Order Of Happiness

ISBN: 1576872475;
Издательство: powerHouse Books
Страниц: 72

Book DescriptionIt?s hard to say how Dalek got to where he is today. He really doesn?t like to talk about it. So what?s left? What are Space Monkeys? Where are they from? Are they born alive, or are they incubated in egg-like vessels? Why do they smirk at us as if they know something we don?t? Why do they always march to the left? Is there a mother ship calling? Are their hearts situated on the left side of their bodies like ours? We can only guess. Even when they are suffering from what would be moments of human weakness?like a hole in the head or a recently amputated limb?they continue to smile and stare, assuring their control of the moment. They stare at us with one large orb of an eye, unintimidated and steadfast intheir mission. The eye of the Space Monkey can threaten like a cocked and steadied gun?it can insult you without warning, or invite you into a happy, carefree world. In Sonic Order of Happiness, Dalek?s second monograph, we...