Обложка книги Giezendanner / GRRRR: GRR8: Zurich

Giezendanner / GRRRR: GRR8: Zurich

ISBN: 3905509423;
Издательство: Patrick Frey Editions
Страниц: 78

Book DescriptionIngo Giezendanner works with the most simple means--felt-tip pen and liquid paper. He works outdoors, directly from the familiar views of urban life, but creating something new: precise and naturalist, decidedly black-and-white drawings that seem strangely alien, lovingly ironic, but never cute. His previous artist's book, Seattle/San Francisco , took him to the Pacific Coast of the United States; along the way he made India-ink drawings of store-window displays, rows of Victorian houses, typical American products, bathroom graffiti, street signs, as well as scenes from cartoons and television shows. In GRR8: Zurich , he has created a new book about the city in which he lives most of the time. Starting on the green outskirts of the city and moving towards the center, we go from views of the outlying forests and parks toward signs of civilization. Enter the hustle-bustle of the city, with its squatted houses and construction sites, and finally the...