Обложка книги Making Miniature Gardens

Making Miniature Gardens

ISBN: 1861080581;
Издательство: Sterling
Страниц: 192

Discover how to create an exquisite 1/12 scale garden, either to complement a dolls' house, or just as an attractive set piece in its own right. No elaborate equipment or ready-made components are needed - practically everything here is handmade from inexpensive and readily available materials, using straightforward techniques which anyone can learn. Plants and flowers are the heart of any garden, and Freida Gray shows how to make a wide variety of realistic miniature plants, ranging from quick and simple general-purpose ones to meticulously detailed reproductions of particular varieties. Full plans and instructions are provided for making eight projects, each of which comprises a complete garden with all its plants and accessories. These are: - Trellis Arch; - Walled Garden; - Patio Garden; - Pond and Rockery Cottage Garden; - Greenhouse Garden; - Kitchen Garden; - Window Boxes. There are also many suggestions...