Обложка книги Batik: From The Courts Of Java And Sumatra

Batik: From The Courts Of Java And Sumatra

ISBN: 0794602711;
Издательство: Periplus Editions
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionBatik is one of Indonesia's most highly developed art forms and occupies a special position in the country's cultural history. A succession of religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam), waves of colonization (Chinese, Indian, Arab, Portuguese, Dutch, and English), and the development of a highly sophisticated culture in the courts of Java and Sumatra which encouraged the supremacy of the aristocracy, all left their imprint on the development of batik. In a rank-conscious society, class distinctions were made by the type of textiles worn and their patterns--many dress styles and motifs were the prerogative of royalty--although the development of Indo-European batik led to widespread use of the sarong. The 71 batik textiles shown in this book are from the collection of Rudolf G. Smend. Most date from the period 1880-­1930 when the art of batik in Java reached its peak. Emanating from the provincial and stately courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta in Central Java are...