Обложка книги Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia Of Camouflage

Disruptive Pattern Material: An Encyclopedia Of Camouflage

ISBN: 1554070112;
Издательство: Firefly Books Ltd
Страниц: 624

Book DescriptionFrom animal survival to anti-war irony. Camouflage occurs naturally in the wild as a mechanism of protection and illusion. Learning from nature, military strategists reproduced, painted and printed camouflage patterns to protect equipment and soldiers. Disruptive Pattern Material is an encyclopedic history of camouflage from its roots in nature, through to its adoption by armed forces and on to its current popularity within modern civilian culture. The book begins with the wide variety of wildlife that protects itself by blending into the environment. Military camouflage covers the first uses of camouflage to disguise artillery and ships and eventually individual soldiers. A comprehensive, historical guide features the variouscamouflage patterns issued to soldiers of 107 nations around the world. The use of camouflage outside of the armed forces first began in the 1960s by anti-war protestors. From there, camouflage was further explored by artists and...

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