Обложка книги Jan Hendrix: Travel Diary

Jan Hendrix: Travel Diary


ISBN: 8475065538;
Издательство: Turner
Страниц: 160

Fascinated by great, untouched landscapes, Jan Hendrix has traveled the world, from Spain and Mexico to Australia and the Netherlands, confronting and being confronted by primeval forces that, at once overwhelming and mysterious, constitute the very essence of existence. During his travels, Hendrix has regularly captured the landscape with a Polaroid camera, transforming these immediate images through dissection and reduction into essential, abstract shapes, which he uses in his silkscreens. In Travel Diary , the artist presents 10 years of his drawings of nature the world over, alongside maps of the places he's been. Specific subjects are the natural elements found in each place, whether trees, leaves, rocks, or rivers. Nobel Prizewinner Seamus Heaney writes an accompanying text.