Обложка книги George Herms: Then and Now: Fifty Years of Assemblage

George Herms: Then and Now: Fifty Years of Assemblage

ISBN: 0971928908;
Издательство: Seraphin Gallery
Страниц: 88

Book DescriptionOne of the founding members of the California Assemblage movement in the 1950s, George Herms and his colleagues made a name for themselves through their use of the discarded, greatly influencing the Pop artists to come. A 20th-century philosopher who uses objects instead of words to deliver quixotic thoughts, Herms, through his work, starts easy conversations with the viewer, making gentle, sometimes funny statements. All copies of Then and Now are signed. Preface by Anthony Seraphin. Introduction by Charles Simic and thoughts by George Herms on his 67th Birthday. Paperback, 9.75 x 1175 in. 88 pages, 61 color illustrations. Each book is signed by the artist.

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