Обложка книги Overkill


ISBN: 1861542631;
Издательство: Booth-Clibborn
Страниц: 80

Book DescriptionIn 2000, a New York art collective invited friends and colleagues to create a group show of original art work based on a randomly chosen them--for fun! It was a response to what they saw as the malaise of their generation. The reaction tothis seemingly simple concept and its fresh sincerity was overwhelming. Several shows later, and with additional bases in Berlin and Tokyo, this collective of diverse talents (it takes its name from Le Phalanstere, Fournier's utopian vision of working life)has produced its first publication, Overkill . Its subject is the theme of the 2002 show in Berlin, but the book is far more than a catalogue. Instead it conveys Le Phalanstere's quirky approach and philosophy through a cornucopia of ideas, aesthetics, perspectives and misunderstandings. At first glance the book may seem chaotic and uncontrollable, but delve deeper and a dialogue emerges between the artists. It is the juxtaposition and convergence of their ideas that gives ...

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