Обложка книги Andy Warhol's Interview

Andy Warhol's Interview

ISBN: 3865210236;
Издательство: Steidl Publishing

Book DescriptionThe October 2004 edition of Interview magazine will mark 35 years of the award winning journal founded by pop art pioneer Andy Warhol. In that time it has developed from the newsletter of the Studio 54 set into the definitive guide to themost significant stars of today and tomorrow. Adopting an original format the magazine uses recordings of questions and answer sessions to reveal information about celebrities, politicians, filmmakers, musicians and literary figures. The questions are often put by another celebrity and the answers are revealing, intimate and candid. Alongside the interviews are photographs by the creme de la creme of celebrity and fashion photography ? Robert Mapplethorpe, Francesco Scavullo, Herb Ritts, Ara Gallant, Peter Beard, Bruce Weber, Perry Berenson and others ? who are given the opportunity to make some of their most challenging and original work. For 35 years Interview has offered an original perspective on the sexy,...