Обложка книги Eat This: 365 Reasons to Stop Dieting

Eat This: 365 Reasons to Stop Dieting

ISBN: 0811841588;
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Страниц: 365

Book DescriptionEat This! is the anti-diet guide, the perfect pick-me-up for anyone with the diet blues. It's packed with 365 humorous musings on why diets are no fun, don't work, and will never compare with the pleasures of a chocolate eclair. Author Mary McHugh brings a much-needed dose of common sense to the world of dieting, extolling both the pleasures of homemade macaroni and cheese, as well as the satisfaction of burning 353 calories learning to salsa dance. Eat This! celebrates the woman who's sassy, sexy, and who'd be a lot happier if she stopped worrying about her weight. Shaped like a miniature refrigerator, Eat This! is the perfect gift for a friend or sister who's fed up with diets.

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