Обложка книги Story Rugs, Tales of Freedom: The Work of Dale Gottlieb

Story Rugs, Tales of Freedom: The Work of Dale Gottlieb

ISBN: 0938506102;
Издательство: Whatcom Museum of History & Art
Страниц: 64

Book DescriptionDale Gottlieb?s Story Rugs draw from a broad range of history, literature, and multicultural folklore to relate human triumphs over injustice and oppression. With transcendent colors and playfully bold compositions, the rugs celebrate human courage and conviction in the face of such tragedies as civil-rights abuses, the Holocaust, and racial discrimination. With an unswerving faith in human potential, Gottlieb gives exquisite form to these tales of freedom with skill, sensitivity, and at times, humor. Trained as a painter, in the early 1990s Gottlieb embarked on a remarkable partnership that offered her a new medium as well as a vehicle with which to share the stories that inspire her. She creates her Story Rugs with the help of expert carpet weavers working in Nepal. The products of their cross-cultural collaboration are hand-knotted and hand-dyed wool rugs that communicate messages of diversity, compassion, and acceptance. As shown in abundant color...

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