Обложка книги Gerhard Richter: Image After Image

Gerhard Richter: Image After Image

ISBN: 8791607094;
Издательство: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Страниц: 91

Book DescriptionIn 2004 a Danish newspaper revealed the provenance of the magazine-clipping source image for Gerhard Richter's 1965 painting Three Sisters , which had up until then been a mystery, even to the artist. The girls were in fact the three Danish princesses Margrethe (now Queen Margrethe II), Benedikte, and Anne-Marie. That newly topical work was brought to Copenhagen's Louisiana Museum of Art along with 80 others for the first comprehensive show in Denmark devoted to Richter, and this catalogue now provides an inviting overview of the important German artist's career. It also explores questions about the imagery from which Richter draws, which includes apparently anonymous material from newspapers and magazines, as well as snapshots by the artist himself and others. In addition to reproductions of his paintings, both figurative and abstract, this volume contains a biography, essays, and a selection of photographs of Richter from 1967 to 1999 by Manfred Leve. Edited by...