Обложка книги The Complaint, and the Consolation; or, Night Thoughts

The Complaint, and the Consolation; or, Night Thoughts

ISBN: 1591100577;
Издательство: Octavo
Страниц: 294

Book DescriptionLong after his reputation has faded, Edward Young (1683?1765) lives on in unattributed quotations ("Procrastination is the Thief of Time"). If his name is known today, it is largely because William Blake created a series of engraved images to frame his most famous poem, Night Thoughts, a nocturnal meditation on death and immortality. Blake designed the illustrations on enormous half-sheets of paper with a small block of text. In this abundant space Young?s metaphors became literal Blakean forms, echoing illustrations in Blake?s America (1793) and Europe (1794). Copies of Night Thoughts were hand-colored in two styles, which scholars have dated to 1797 and 1805. This Octavo Edition reproduces an example of each (one colored by Blake himself), a side-by-side comparison of the engravings, and a searchable transcription. Commentary by Nicolas Barker.

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