Обложка книги Controlled Flight Into Terrain : Stealworks Anthology 3.0

Controlled Flight Into Terrain : Stealworks Anthology 3.0

ISBN: 1902593677;
Издательство: AK Press
Страниц: 128

Book Description Yates's depictions, characterized by his juxtaposition of archetypal images with subversive political slogans, have made their way into Newsweek, CNN and the New York Times , appearing on the shirts of protestors the worldover. In this collection of recent work, Yates perfects semiotic capitulation. "John could make millions designing commercial magazine ads but instead aims his skills at unmasking and destroying those very mechanisms used to keep society obedient and asleep."-Jello Biafra John Yates has designed cover art for artists ranging from Green Day to The Dead Kennedys to Mumia Abu--Jamal. His work has appeared in the socio-political graphics magazine Punchline , and has exhibited globally. This is his third collection published by AK Press. He lives in the Bay Area.